Below are a wide variety of references and customer comments Matt Gardi has received regarding his work performance over the years, whether it be as an employee, co-worker, or consultant. 

Please feel free to review the comments below.  It is hoped that a common theme can be inferred from them, and that is one of a hard working professional, with the knowledge and dedication to get the job done.

“Developing a web site was the last thing I knew anything about. Matt Gardi made it work!  Matt had the site up and running in no time at all. Matt started by directing my wife and me to gather content we would like to use on my site.  Matt formatted the site on a a user friendly framework site, taught us how to add info and make changes. It  was painless and is  easy to use and update.  Thanks to Matt, I now have the opportunity to offer my clients an informative website that is useful and filled with up to date, pertinent info and to  generate leads.”  Dan Urban -

"While in my employ, Matt always had an eye on the bottom line and reduced our annual IT operating expenses by approximately $70,000. This in turn allowed me to reduce my County budget request by 8% in FY12-13. He did this while improving services to the staff. He also was instrumental in moving forward towards implementation of the legislatively mandated conversion of the State Courts system to a paperless system by working with other circuits to discuss methodology of E-filing and E-servicing, while keeping our office administration informed of the progress. Matt's initiative to convert to a paperless system along with countless other improvements allowed the Office of the State Attorney to lead the way with technology advancements in the 16th Judicial Circuit.  Wherever Matt goes he will be an asset." Dennis Ward - Former State Attorney, 16th Judicial Circuit, Florida (Entire Reference)

“What a great job Matt Gardi did to get our web page off the ground. He not only developed the web site but taught us how to work on it at the same time.  His knowledge and patience surpassed all expectations.”  Thanks Matt!"  Cindy Urban

"I can’t imagine a better IT employee than Matt. I think it says it all when I say that I have never asked Matt to do anything that he couldn't or wouldn't do, and I have never heard any other employee ask him to do something he couldn't or wouldn't do. He is an asset that will be hard to replace!"  Nancy Criswell - Former Executive Director, Office of the State Attorney, 16th Judicial District (Entire Reference)

"People don't like change.   But Matt makes transitioning to Google Apps for business user friendly and simple.  When Matt needs to explain very technical terms he is easy to understand. Matt listens to what the client wants and he delivers.  More importantly, Matt is professional and responsive.  No question is too dumb or too bothersome.  You call Matt and he is available to walk you through any problem you may have or he takes the time to personally show up and resolve the issue.  And, Matt is superb at training and transitioning staff.  Matt is simply the best at what he does and I recommend him without reservation." Maggie Gutierrez - Attorney - Key West, FL

"ViaVende has been highly instrumental in our web sites being launched. Their willingness to teach us how to be self-sufficient, their availability, their knowledge --- all made us feel that we were in good hands. I have no problem recommending ViaVende for any business looking for web site support or general tech support. When it comes to this kind of work we have had the experience of feeling like another customer; however, working with ViaVende we felt like they were sincerely interested in helping us put together a quality product." Brian Curtin - Race director, Owner You and Maine/Duo Duel - Portland Maine

"Matt has always been an asset in this office.   He has helped Investigations to improve record keeping  by implementing the Investigative Division Portal, and is constantly bringing to us new ideas for the portal.   His excitement over implementing new ideas is refreshing and admirable.  He is one in a million."  Pam Vildosetgui - Administrative Assistant, Investigations Division, Office of the State Attorney, 16th Judicial Circuit, Florida

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize and compliment the contribution that Matt Gardi has made to the office since he began.  First and foremost, I have been impressed with his work ethic.  Every single time I have contacted Matt to address an IT concern, whether during or after hours, he has been responsive, timely, extremely competent, and more importantly, he addresses even the “dumbest” of questions with a positive attitude.  Secondly, I believe Matt has shown a great deal of initiative.  Rather than doing things the way “they have always been done,” he looks for new and better ways to do things.  From implementing calendar and contacts on Google Apps (to move away from the server), to using flash drives for paperless discovery, to creating (upgrading) the SAO intranet (which I think will prove very useful), to creating user profiles to allow employees to access “their” computer from any computer, Matt has obviously made a significant contribution in a relatively short amount of time.  In my opinion, Matt is a valuable asset to the SAO, and I am glad to have him working for our IT department."   Donald Barrett - Former  Chief Assistant State Attorney, 16th Judicial Circuit, Florida

"I particularly like what he is doing with the public use computer in our office that is set up for easy scanning and sending of documents, and all the help he has provided getting us internet access in the courtroom.  I also like that the IT Department seems to have a plan of attack on how to improve the SAO’s IT abilities and seems to be constantly implementing new ideas and improving old ones."  Joseph Spataro - Assistant State Attorney, 16th Judicial Circuit, Florida 

 "Matt provided MWR Graphics Department the best IT service we have had in the seven years I have been employed here. He is always very professional and able to resolve issues quickly. His knowledge and advice has been an invaluable asset."  Mike Scherck - Manager, MWR Graphics, Naval Air Station Key West

"Matt is da bomb...he sat through my entire trial last friday because he had a ... prosecutor who was too scared of that high-fangled tech-naw-ledgy.  He made the video presentation go so smoothly ... in front of the jury for 40 minutes.  And wouldn't even let me reward him with a root beer barrell at the parrot after he assisted us in obtaining a guilty verdict!  Thank you Matt!"  Paunece R. Ramage - Assistant State Attorney, 16th Judicial Circuit, Florida

"Viavende was able to resolve a small but critical networking issue I was having.  I had other area 'techies' try and resolve the issue, but to no avail.  Matt Gardi was able to quickly resolve my issue where others had failed and he was able to explain in simple down to earth terms the best way to prevent the issue from reoccurring.  I highly recommend his services."  John Rotolo - Attorney at Law

"Trust was an issue in our decision, and you exceeded our expectations.  We would highly recommend your services to any and all of our contacts, and we look forward to your service in the future."  Dinora M. Pita - Riviera Enterprises, Inc.

"His performance as a technical witness was impeccable, and was a major reason why we won a victory in that case.  This was well beyond his job role, greatly appreciate, and mostly done on his own impetus out of a desire to help us perform our jobs better."  Hani Demetrious - Assistant Public Defender 

"His ideas were well thought out, and saved me time and money." Jim Brault - The Dam Store 

"Matt Gardi was able to develop a system to share, secure, and backup my critical data.  I had neither the time, or knowledge to do what he did in a matter of hours..."  Karole Rispoli - Roma's Mom's Key Lime Pie 

"In the nine years that I have worked for the Public Defender, Matt has been far and away the best IT specialist we have had."  William Kuypers - Former Assistant Public Defender 

"When we were met with the hurdle of relocating our main offices across town in Key West, he and I worked almost around the clock throughout one weekend to coordinate the event so that staff left one office on a Friday, and came into a new office on a Monday without missing a beat."  Pamala Catala - Physical Specialist, Office of the Public Defender 

"Matt Gardi proved to be a great asset to the Office of the State Attorney.  He has a positive attitude and is a team player when it comes to performing work that is beyond normal work duties and requirements."  Dan Sabino - Former CIO, Office of the State Attorney

"His knowledge and ability to lead and work with the CYS staff were exceptional, and his dedication went far beyond the bounds of employment. I could rely on him to be a self-starter, and accomplish the objectives that we determined to be vital to the success of the mission at hand. He met challenges as opportunities, and fluidly developed methods to accomplish what at times seemed impossible."  Judi Patrick - USAREUR CYS

"Matt quickly became proficient with our software and developed a very friendly, yet professional relationship with the customers he serviced. Matt volunteered for many “less desirable assignments” and finished these projects in an efficient and timely manner."  Travis Barber - Vermont Systems, Inc.

"I want to personally thank you for the help and support that you provide to me on the many occasions that I have phoned up your office in Germany. You have always answered all questions with solutions to our problems and issues as they arrive. I really appreciate the fact that you can provide an immediate resolution to our problems and we can continue to work in CYMS without a long waiting period."  Carlton France - MWR Information Services Officer, RAF Menwith Hill Station

"Within a one week on-site visit he completely installed and trained all employees on a complex computer based POS system.  His ability to communicate highly technical information to untrained users was paramount in the overall success of allowing this activity to come on-line in a timely manner."  Rick Glenn - Rolling Hills Golf Course

"Since RecTrac is a large component of the accounting systems in MWR Vicenza,  I have frequent contact with Matt in his role as a member of the Customer Support Team.  Matt's knowledge of the RecTrac program is extensive.  He is always courteous and professional and solves any issues in a timely manner."  Tim Volk - ISO, 22nd Area Support Group

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