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Integrating technology, marketing, business development, and creative promotion of your small business.
Don't be held hostage by your technology needs, take control and keep it simple. 
In today's changing world, the challenge of finding technical solutions is compounded by the fact technology is changing exponentially.  No sooner have you done all your research and decided on a new system or method, than it quickly becomes outdated.

Matt Gardi of ViaVende makes every effort to stay on top of the technology that is available, and anticipates change as it is occurring.  Assisting small to medium size businesses analyze their needs, while implementing cost-effective solutions, Matt Gardi will strive to develop efficient and effective solutions that can help you reach your goals of productivity.  Having run numerous small businesses, Matt knows the challenging aspects of running a business, and leveraging technology to your advantage.  Let him help you gain confidence to meet the challenges you face.

As small business struggles to meet the realities of today's economy, outsourcing technical services provides a strategic method of meeting a business or agency's needs while keeping an eye on the bottom line.  Why maintain expensive IT professionals on staff, when ViaVende can provide the same, if not greater level of contractual service at a fraction of the cost?  

Specializing in Google Apps implementation, hardware and network design, procurement, and set-up.  Matt Gardi also has vast experience working with Law Firms, Real Estate Agents, Medical Offices, implementing distance learning objectives, Point of Sales Systems, and working with the US Military both CONUS and Overseas.


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